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Lovesick Jester – Raster Illustration

Lovesick Jester

For a royalty free copy of this file (jpg), please CLICK HERE to visit my iStockphoto page.

iStockphoto recently put out an article calling for more raster illustrations.  “Raster” means that the illustration was created using traditional techniques and scanned or photographed.  They can also be created in Photoshop or a similar program that generates pixel based images.  I painted this Lovesick Jester right after my first daughter was born.  I have always liked this illustration, and I thought it was a shame to see it just sitting amongst my watercolor paintings.  It was accepted into the iStock collection yesterday and I am thrilled to see it out and available for purchase.

iStockphoto has a large collection of raster illustrations and paintings.  Depending on your project, a raster image can add to the specific feel that you are looking for.


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Well, I got back from all my vacationing and am looking forward to getting back to work. These are a couple of vector illustrations I did recently. Even though I don’t have a story to go with either one of them, I felt that they were appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

I will be working on a new two page spread illustration for the story I Had a Little Rabbit, by Clarice Paterson. Check back later to see it! 🙂

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