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A Sneak Peak

Sailing the Seven Sheets

I have been working on this book app for a few months now. I am super excited about how it is working out.  A friend of mine wrote the story and I am illustrating it.  This is the finished cover page.   It was Josh’s idea to use pillows for the navigation buttons.  I thought it was brilliant.

It has been an interesting thing to work on this book app.  Creating the artwork is much more complicated than simply drawing a picture and coloring it.  Every little element has to be on it’s own layer so that the programmer can animate it.  Since I draw all of my artwork by hand first, I have stacks and stacks of tracing paper with individual elements on them.  I then have to scan them all separately and fit them together again once I’ve finished adding all the color. It’s a long process, but it’s fun to see our project come to life.

I am about 1/3 of the way through illustrating the app, and I can’t wait to have the whole thing done and animated!

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Book App Title Page

Book App Title Page

I have been making some good progress on my drawings for the children’s book app (for iPad and iPhone) I am working on. It is called “Sailing the Seven Sheets”. The only problem with posting artwork at this stage in the process is that my drawings are on multiple layers of tissue paper. It wouldn’t be too interesting for you to see one of the layers. There would be a random head, a dislocated arm, a floating lamp… you get the idea. I did want to upload the title page for the book app, though. I am really excited about this app. It has been a lot of fun to work on so far. In case anyone is curious, the website listed on the picture is not live. You can type it into your browser, but it doesn’t exist, so you won’t find anything.

Keep checking back because I will have finished artwork to post in the future!

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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

A friend of mine just showed me this preview for an app.  It is simply amazing!  I wouldn’t normally pay $5 for an app, but this one looks great!



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Happy Birthday Google!

As a major Google fan, there was no way I could pass up the chance to say happy birthday to my favorite search engine today! Of course, there is much more to Google than just a search engine, but that is what they are best known for.

Here’s to a fabulous 13 years!

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I might as well admit my one major guilty pleasure: I love to read. I could honestly sit and read for 20 hours out of the day and be perfectly content.

Due to my love of reading, my wonderful husband bought me a Kindle for Mother’s Day. I was so surprised and thrilled! Instantly, I began downloading all my favorites: Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and A Girl of the Limberlost, to name a few. Currently, I am reading Life of Pi. I started just this afternoon and am loving what I’m reading so far. It sounds VERY interesting. I may be slightly biased, however. The author mentions Canada several times and says how much he loves it.

My mom gave me a book about a month ago called The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It’s a mouthful right? At first I was a little skeptical, thinking that it was probably a book that was published in the 70s and not really my taste. In spite of my skepticism, I began reading (it was published in 2008) and was completely and pleasantly delighted in the story. It is a historical fiction novel about a woman that lives in London. It takes place just after the second World War has ended. She starts up a friendship with a group of people on the island of Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands between England and France). The story made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me think. Books like this don’t come along every day, or even every year. It was a fantastic read, and I am so glad that I beat down my inner pessimist and took a chance on a book (and an island) that I knew absolutely nothing about. What a treat.

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A Lot of Play

I’ve been playing so hard these past few days that I haven’t had a chance to work. Easter was a total blast. It was the first year that my children were old enough to really understand what Easter is about and enjoy the holiday.

My parents and my youngest brother drove down from Canada to visit us and they arrived the afternoon of Easter Sunday. We only had a few days together, so we spent every last minute running around and having as much fun as we could pack into our limited time.

The first thing we did was head off to San Francisco. We rode the world famous cable cars down to the Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39.

We also stopped off in Chinatown. It was beautifully decorated.

We also went back to Santa Cruz to enjoy some sunshine and sand. We gathered a large bucketful of sea shells and enjoyed soaking up some sun rays.

We went on a hike in Los Altos, visited the bay in Alviso, went shopping at the Great mall, ate a LOT of Easter candy, watched Disney’s Tangled, and enjoyed each other’s company.

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The Gifted – A Novel by Deborah Andreasen

Pyper just wants a normal life. But ever since the day she died, she’s been able to control objects with her mind. What she can’t control is a mother who fears Pyper’s ability and the possibility of it being discovered. Pyper only finds solace in her friend and brother, Baler. When Pyper moves to yet another new school, she meets Kael, who takes an immediate interest in her. He knows her secret, and he needs her help saving the Fae people. The problem is, Pyper doesn’t believe in Faeries. But when her brother is abducted, Pyper doesn’t have much choice. Can she really save a race she doesn’t believe exists? Can she rescue her brother? And can she accept her second chance at life?

* * * * * * * * * * *

Deborah Andreasen is the author of the newly released YA fantasy novel The Gifted. She is also a good friend of mine and was my roommate in college. The first time I heard about The Gifted was after Deborah participated in NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) a few years ago. This novel was the product of a crazy month of writing like a mad-woman. Of course, a month of key pounding did not produce a finished book ready to publish. She spent countless hours editing, rewriting, editing, rewriting, and editing her book. She entered it into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest where it reached the top 100 finalists out of 10,000 entries. At this point, it was reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly.

Finally, we are all given the opportunity to read this exciting novel that Deborah has spent so much time creating. A couple weeks ago, The Gifted was released for sale through Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. I immediately bought two copies of the book – one for me and one to give away as a gift.

I didn’t plan this, but it just so happened that I ran into the mail man when he was bringing the package up to my apartment. Unabashed, I simply asked him if the package he was carrying was for me. It was, so I took it and headed home. I started reading and didn’t stop until I had turned the very last page.

The Gifted is an exciting, action packed fantasy novel that will keep you turning pages from cover to cover. The characters are fascinating and keep the reader interested in the story from start to finish. My favorite part of the story were the descriptions of Pypers ability. I almost felt like I was Pyper and that I was the one controlling things with my mind. The climax was exciting and riveting.

While the story and characters were wonderfully developed and the descriptions invited the reader into the experience even more, the best part about this book was that it was 100% clean. There is a romantic side to this story, but it never gets questionable. There was no vulgarity or anything that would make me squirm in my seat. I would feel completely at ease recommending this book to all ages.

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