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Blog Header for Book Blog!

Books for KidsI just finished this blog header for my book blog Books for Kids.  I am super happy with the way it turned out.  I actually drew the frog twice.  The first time I drew him, he was cute, but the second time was better!  I really wanted something bright and cheerful for my book blog.  I review kids books, anything from picture books to middle grade novels, so I wanted something that would reflect the content.

I have always had this slightly unhealthy obsession with drawing frogs.  I don’t know why, but I just think they make adorable characters and they should be illustrated as often as possible. I used to catch frogs as a kid.  There was a little stream by my house and there were dozens of penny frogs that lived in the grass by the water.  My friend and I would go down there with a jar and catch them until we had far too many to comfortably fit into one jar, then we’d let them go.

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I Had a Little Rabbit – Part III: A Children’s Story by Clarice Paterson

Here is the other half to my two page spread for “I Had a Little Rabbit” by Clarice Paterson. I was surprised at what a challenge this side was. I had to coordinate the color scheme to match the other half so that the two separate pages would work together when the book is held open. I have had such a great time illustrating this story! I loved coming up with this scenario of the little girl hiding under the covers in her bed with all her rabbits stuffed under the covers in fear of the girl’s mother.

Below is an example of what the book will look like when it is opened up to this page.

I like my many rabbits,
I like them a whole lot.
But I can tell you one thing
My mother, she does not!

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