About Dena

Dena was born and raised in Alberta, Canada.  Her parents and teachers cultivated her love of art and passion for drawing.  She graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Brigham Young University-Idaho and continues to pursue her passion through illustration and fine art.  She lives in California with her husband and two children.

Dena strives for excellence in her work and is constantly looking for ways to improve and perfect her skills.  She draws inspiration from her everyday life and surroundings.  Her husband and children are also great sources of inspiration for her.  While Dena puts her heart into each and every illustration, the thing that she enjoys the most is creating professional, useful artwork for clients.  She loves fulfilling the needs that her customers have.  She works hard to ensure that her artwork clean, well crafted, and useful to her buyers.

Dena is available for custom work.  If you have a project for her, please contact her directly at denamcmurdiestudios@gmail.com.