They Draw and Cook *Kraft* Competition

Rustic Grilled Cheese

Copyright Dena McMurdie 2012

They Draw and Cook hosted an illustrated recipe contest for Kraft Foods. The contest closed yesterday. This was my interpretation of their recipe for Rustic Grilled Cheese. I initially wanted the lumberjack to be Paul Bunion. I really wanted to put the blue bull in the design and everything. As I worked through the design, I decided that I liked this one the best. My husband (my ever vigilant and all-knowing critic) agreed that this was the best design.  Personally, I love the way it turned out.  My lumberjack is handsome, and obviously very happy to be eating a Rustic Grilled Cheese.

All of the recipes on this site are available for sale as prints and high-resolution downloads.  Some of them are even included in a recipe book, calendar, and so forth.  If you love to cook, this is a really fun website to browse and maybe even discover some unique artwork for your kitchen!

You can view the rest of the entries here:


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  1. I think your lumberjack is adorable! =) Great Work!

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