Whiteboard Process

whiteboard process

For a royalty free copy of this file (eps, ai, cdr, jpg), please visit my iStockphoto page.

Here is my latest stock illustration for iStockphoto.  I realized lately that business illustrations are in high demand and silhouettes are always popular.  Most other illustrators leave the silhouette as one big black blob, and that looks nice, but I like putting the white shirt and tie on my businessman.  I feel like it adds that little something extra to make the illustration look classy and versatile.  This is the first time that I have submitted anything with a gradient to iStockphoto.  I was a little nervous to do it and I exported the file about 1000 times until  was satisfied that it wouldn’t splice (break into pieces) when opened.

I included both an Adobe Illustrator file and a CorelDraw file in a zip folder just in case there are Corel users out there.  Corel usually splices gradients, no matter how you import them, so I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t cutting off any designers at the knees.  If you have any spectacular ideas or specific projects in mind, please send them my way!


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