New Greeting Card Designs

Dog Peeing Mother's Day Card Design

Mother's Day Card with Cats

These are my latest greeting card designs. They are for Mother’s Day, obviously.  I must admit that while I’ve always been more of a dog person, I enjoy the card with the cats a little bit more.  It is just so sweet.  There is nothing better than hugs from mom, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to return the hug and let her know just how much you appreciate them.

People always ask me how I get my inspiration.  The card with the dog and the slippers is actually almost a true story.  Back in the days when we had a dog (we had to give him away when we moved), he loved to chew on things.  My slippers were one of his many victims.  He chewed them into little tiny bits of foam and fluff then ate them.  My idea for this card came from that incident.  I thought how considerate it would be for a dog to avoid peeing (or chewing) on your slippers on your special day.  It could work for a birthday card too.

Inspiration for the cats was a little more lighting bolt like.  I just started thinking about how awesome moms are and the image of two cats with long necks snuggling came into my mind.  Maybe it is because cats are so snugly, or maybe there is some sweet memory involving the cats we had when I was growing up.  Whatever it is, I love the simple design and the simple message that it sends.



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2 responses to “New Greeting Card Designs

  1. Stopped to look at these the other day and didn’t realize I hadn’t said anything! These are darling! I especially love the cats even though I’m a dog person. That proves what a great illustrator you are! =) Hope you get a nod from Hallmark!

  2. Thanks Christy! The cats card was my favorite too. The great thing about these is that they are so versatile. They both could work for a birthday or other special event too.

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