Cloud Computing Safety – Vector Illustration

Cloud Computing SafetyFor a royalty free copy of this file (eps, jpg), please CLICK HERE to visit my iStockphoto page.

This is my latest cloud computing illustration. I realized that out of all the cloud computing images I have created, I’ve never made one that features safety or security. I feel like there is a real need for cloud computing service providers to make sure their customers know that their information is safe and secure. Safety is top priority when you are dealing with the internet, documents, and possibly sensitive information.

This image illustrates a desktop PC with a wireless signal going into a locked cloud.  The cloud with the lock around it was deceivingly difficult.  I actually drew the lock about four times before I was happy with it.  Because I drew the lock so many times, I adjusted the cloud just as often – thus the deceptive difficulty.


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  1. Totally reads on it’s own, no explanation needed! Love it!

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