Whiteboard Cloud Computing Illustration

cloud computing whiteboard

For a royalty free copy of this file (eps, jpg) please CLICK HERE to visit my istockphoto page.

I have been wanting to create a whiteboard cloud computing illustration for quite some time now.  I love business silhouettes, and I love hand drawn vector artwork.  Combining the two has never made much sense before, but in this situation, it was the perfect solution.  I took a photograph of my husband in a suit and tie, had him pose holding a pen and pretending to draw on a transparent whiteboard.  Then I drew the cloud computing diagram myself and scanned it in, converted both to a vector format and combined them.  Viola!

I really love this concept of the whiteboard with a silhouette.  It is very clean, crisp, and clear.  Silhouettes look very professional on websites, blogs, articles, and just about anywhere else.  As you can see in the illustration, I included several elements that can be involved “in the cloud” such as a lock (cloud computing security), a graph, a document, a folder, a desktop pc, a lap top, and a smart phone.

One of the great things about vector illustrations is that they are so easy to edit.  Anyone with a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or Freehand can change colors with a click, rearrange the diagram, or completely adapt the illustration to suit their needs.

This illustration is available through istockphoto.com and is priced at 15 credits.


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