Easter is Coming Soon!

With Easter just around the corner, it has me thinking about what I am going to do for my kiddos. My three year old has been asking to decorate and collect eggs for weeks now, and I don’t want to disappoint her in that. We bought an egg decorating kit, but we are still a few weeks away from actually using it.

Easter Eggs

When I was a child, my mother would have us color and dye hard boiled eggs, and put them into our Easter baskets. Then we would all set out our baskets the night before Easter and go to bed. During the night, the Easter Bunny would come and fill our baskets with candy and one small toy, then he would hide our baskets in the most impossible to find places. My brother once found his basket in the drawer under the oven. Another time it was in the crawl space in the basement.  I once found mine tucked neatly into my mother’s big flour bucket. Other hiding spots included the dryer, the dishwasher, the shower, and there was always one basket in that never-looked-in cupboard or closet.

The Easter Bunny that visited my husband as a child was more the Easter-egg-hunt type. So far, we haven’t established any hard and fast traditions with our children because they have been so young that it didn’t really matter. But this year my daughter (whom I just caught eating plain sugar out of it’s container and making a huge, sticky mess in the kitchen) knows about the Easter Bunny and about baskets and eggs. Perhaps our Easter Bunny will both have an Easter egg hunt and a basket search.


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