Custom Illustration for a Fortune 500 Company

Suggestion Box

The other day I was contacted by a Fortune 500 company (that shall remain nameless) that needed a suggestion box icon for one of their products.  The product is in the beginning stages of infancy, and they were looking for ways to make it more visually appealing and interactive.  Of course, I jumped at the chance to create the illustration.  They sent me a few examples of suggestion box icons that they liked, and I created one that was unique while still incorporating the elements that they liked in the other icons. 

This is the finished illustration.  I love how it is a very simple drawing, and yet so effective in portraying its function. 

My client loved the finished art.  It provided visual enhancement to their product as well as made it more user-friendly.  Now I’d better stop blogging about it and get back to work on my next job!


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