Post Halloween Ideas

Just after Halloween, I was watching a TV show about foods in different parts of the world.  I learned that in Cambodia some people eat Tarantulas on a daily basis.  Of course, in many parts of the world, bugs, snakes, and various rodents make up a main portion of people’s diets.  Spiders are not one of the things that terrify me to the point of immobility, but if an enormous hairy one were to cross my path, I must admit that eating it would not be high on my priority list.  The same goes for snakes.  However, those ideas make for some very interesting illustrations. 

These are a couple of sketches I did after I finished the program.  “Tarantula Tea” is one that I can relate to personally.  I was visiting my husband’s family when we were dating and we were eating dinner.  I felt something in my mouth after taking a drink of juice.  I pulled it out of my mouth to find a big yellow spider that I nearly drank down without noticing.    

The sketch on the right, “Cambodian Adventure” is one that I can relate to as well.  As a child, I was fearless when it came to snakes.  I had no problem touching or handling a snake. I had a teacher in grade school that brought her boa constrictors to school and had them live in our classroom.  On multiple occasions, she would take them out and let us hold them.  It never occurred to me to be afraid of snakes.  Until I went camping with my family one summer.  

I was holding a small snake by the neck after someone in our camping party had captured it and had looked away from it for a second.  I felt something on my finger and looked back to see the snake with my knuckle half way down its throat.  I screamed and threw the snake away from me.  Luckily, it was not a poisonous snake and the bite was not painful or ultimately damaging.  I must say, however, that I have never been as comfortable around snakes ever since.


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