The Golden Parachute

For a royalty free copy of this file (eps, jpg), please CLICK HERE to visit my iStockphoto page.

My brilliant husband came up with this idea for me as well.  Well actually, he simply twisted around one of my ideas and then called it his.  In reality, it is both of our ideas combined together.  Even so, he has tons of business ideas and I always enjoy turning his brainstorming sessions into actual illustrations. 

The way that we came up with this idea was that I was thinking of drawing a parachuting businessman, possibly symbolizing job security, education, ect.  When I told my husband my idea and showed him my sketches, he suggested the golden parachute and the big bags of money (with some paper bills and coins as well).  When CEOs or other top-level personnel get fired, they are usually given an extremely large severance package, even if they have cost the company tons of money.  Sometimes, they will receive this payment even if they are the reason for a company declaring bankruptcy.  This is called a “golden parachute”.  No matter what these people have done, they still make off with all the money. 

This illustration took quite a while.  There are a lot of little details on the man that were very time consuming, such as the stripes on his tie, his hands (hands are my biggest challenge), and the strings on the parachute.  The parachute strings would not have taken so long if I hadn’t decided to change some last-minute details which set me back several hours.  I am really happy with the way he turned out.  I can just imagine that he is a wealthy CEO that has just been fired, floating down to earth on his golden parachute, smiling and gripping his big bags of money.  He doesn’t care that he just lost his job and possibly cost other people their jobs because he has received a big fat pay check.


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