Cloud Computing Vector Illustration

For a royalty free copy of this file (cdr, eps, jpg), please CLICK HERE to visit my iStockphoto page.

This is another illustration that I did before we had our two month long travelling spree.  This is a cloud computing concept.  I’ve been doing a lot of cloud computing illustrations lately because it is such a big thing in the business world.  Cloud computing has actually been around for quite a while, but the phrase “cloud computing” has been a more recent addition.  Ever since the phrase was coined, the system has gained exposure and popularity.  Right now it is one of the hottest things in the business world.  Of course, I have my husband to thank for the idea.  He is the one that came home and told me that I needed to create a bunch of vector cloud computing illustrations because it was being discussed in every single one of his business classes.  Cisco, the company he now works for, is one of the leading companies that utilizes cloud computing.


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