Memory Loss Greeting Card

Here is a card that I created for another Hallmark Greeting Card Competition.  Unfortunately, this one was not selected as a winner, but I have come to realize that with approximately 2000 entries for each competition, the chances of winning again are very slim. 

The inside was supposed to say, “It would be a shame to let such a good excuse go to waste!”.  I really enjoyed drawing the woman on the card and selecting the color scheme.  I thought of this idea after reading an article stating that 100% of mothers in a recent poll claimed to suffer from short-term memory loss.  Apparently, this memory loss had absolutely nothing to do with hormones.  Adoptive parents suffered from just as much memory loss as other parents.  The memory loss is attributed to a woman’s brain becoming so overcome with “take-care-of-baby” syndrome that anything less important slips from her memory quite easily.  I found it very interesting and thought that there really couldn’t be any better excuse for doing all the ditsy things I’ve done in the past few months!


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