Frog Eye Salad Illustration

I’ve been getting my ideas ready for the next Hallmark Card Competition that just opened up.  This is the first idea that I came up with a few weeks ago.  The theme is “A Girl’s Gotta Laugh” and I am supposed to come up with a card that will encourage women through laughter.  So I thought of this old, wrinkly frog who had to come up with a creative way to make money.  So she makes frog eye salad and sells it at a local bake sale.  Of course, if a frog is selling frog eye salad, then she will be blind (because she used her own eyes in the salad). 

I thought it was such a clever idea until I started to show it to a couple of people.  Nobody really got the joke until I had to explain it to them.  Then I got a lot of funny looks and remarks like, “That’s kind of gross.”  or “That’s really morbid”. 

I came up with some different ideas.


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