Hand Drawn Doll Set

For a royalty free copy of this file (cdr, eps, jpeg), please CLICK HERE to visit my iStockphoto page.

Since I had so much fun creating the Daydreamer, I decided to use the same techniques and color scheme on my hand drawn doll illustration.  The two dolls in this set are exactly the same, but with different colors.  I love the color palette that I found for these two illustrations.  In case you are curious, I do a lot of “color shopping” at www.colourlovers.com.  There are hundreds of palettes and colors to look through.  I find that it really helps to have a nice color scheme in mind when I begin to put color into my artwork.  It helps with the overall feel and unity of the finished illustration. 

I have been really pleased with the performance of my hand drawn illustrations on iStock so far.  They have outperformed the regular illustrations of mine by a long shot.  There are two main reasons that I can think of for their continued performance: 1) Not a lot of people can or do create hand drawn illustrations for iStock, so there is less competition, and 2) My hand drawn illustrations turn out better than my regular ones, thus getting accepted easier and noticed by designers better.


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