Day Dreaming – Hand Drawn Vector Illustration

For a royalty free copy of this file (cdr, eps, jpg), please CLICK HERE to go to my iStockphoto page.

I have been super excited to post about this illustration.  It is titled “Day Dreaming”, obviously depicting a young woman or teenage girl in a party dress dreaming about some romantic idea.  This illustration took a LONG time to complete.  The main reason is that once I had the drawing finished, I had to convert it into a vector format.  The conversion process usually doesn’t take too long, but there were so many little lines to clean up and fix that it took much longer than I had originally anticipated.  Next, I had to draw in all the shapes of color behind the hand drawn outline, which also took quite a while.  Lastly, I had to find a good color scheme for the illustration – something that would work well with the theme and look appealing.  As you can see in the image above, I found three color schemes that I loved.  Since I couldn’t decide on one of them, I went with all three of them.  So anyone that purchases this file will get all three different color schemes.  The colors are very simple and easy to change, but back in my designer days, I found it extremely helpful to have a few color options all ready to choose from.


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