Hand Drawn Baby Bibs Illustration

For a royalty free copy of this file (eps, cdr, jpg), please CLICK HERE to go to my iStockphoto page.

A while ago, I drew a bunch of baby bibs and uploaded those to iStockphoto.  They were accepted and have had a great number of views on them, but no purchases.  I began to think that perhaps the file could be improved a bit and then perhaps it would be more useful and saleable.  So I reworked the bibs, got rid of a LOT of unnecessary elements, and adjusted the colors.  This file is much more pleasing and useful, not to mention that it is much less complicated.  It was accepted to iStock as well.  So now there are two options in my portfolio for anyone looking for cute, hand drawn baby bibs. 

One thing that I probably should mention is that even though these are hand drawn (like most of my illustrations) they have been transfered into a vector format.  That way, you get the unique, personal feel of having a hand drawn illustration, while maintaining the versatility and editability of a vector file.  The thing I love the most about vector illustrations is that they can be scaled to any size without becoming pixellated or fuzzy.  The integrity of the file does not diminish as the proportions increase.


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One response to “Hand Drawn Baby Bibs Illustration

  1. laura

    Lovely designs I really like the elephant so cute

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