Choices – Vector Business Illustration

For a royalty free copy of this file, (cdr, eps, jpg) please CLICK HERE to go to my iStockphoto page.

Since my husband is a business man, it only makes sense that he has ideas for business illustrations.  Like in many careers,  he is often faced with making tough choices that will affect not only his job, but his family as well.  He came up with this concept and stood over my shoulder as I drew it to make sure I did it right.  He even helped me pick out a color scheme and decide on where to put shadows, ect.  Until recently, he has kind of laughed at my illustrating addiction.  He would tease me that I think of iStockphoto as my own personal lottery, where I keep trying out new illustrations in hopes that one of them will strike it big.  While he was partly correct, he is now almost as bad as I am.  He will check my member profile to see if I have had my latest file accepted and to see if there were any new downloads for the day. 

I love his enthusiasm and encouragement.  It is great to have a partner in crime!  (Or rather, a partner in healthy addiction).


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