Feedback From Publishers

I have been sending out samples of my watercolor illustrations to publishing companies recently.  So far, I have received a few responses and a little bit of feedback from the art directors looking at my work. 

First of all, I am extremely surprised (yet just as grateful) that a busy art director would be able to take a minute to provide me with feedback about my work.  Second, even though my work hasn’t been right for the publishers I’ve heard from so far, the feedback I have gotten is enormously helpful.  Maybe I should feel more disappointment that I haven’t been picked up yet, but I went into this knowing that rejection is just part of the game and I expected that 99% of the samples I sent out to be turned down.  Mainly because I know that publishers receive hundreds of samples each week and they can’t possibly provide work for every artist that contacts them.  However, the feedback I have received is priceless and exactly what I hoped when I sent out my work.  I have learned from the source exactly where my artwork is lacking and how to make it stronger.  I don’t really have a way of knowing how to improve my artwork if nobody will tell me.

I want to send a big THANK YOU to all the publishers out there who take the time to respond to newbies like me!  Your comments are greatly appreciated!


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