I Had a Little Rabbit – Part II: A Children’s Story by Clarice Paterson

I like my many rabbits
I like them a whole lot.
But I can tell you one thing
My mother, she does not!

Okay, so this is only half of Part II. This is going to be a two page spread and I am only done with one page. The little verse will be for both pages though.

I had so much fun with this illustration! I painted it from the child’s point of view: all her precious rabbits are scattering, trying to run as the big, scary mom swings the door open. One little rabbit cowers in the direct path of the mom. The mom is trying to catch a few because they are overrunning her home.

I really tried to push the color intensity in this one. I’ve noticed that watercolor tends to get washed out looking once it is transfered to a digital file.


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